Be a Crypthead!

Each week, Badslayer and Grimm have a blast rocking out with horror authors, musicians, etc.  And we love that so many people are enjoying the show.  Your support is appreciated beyond anything that can be typed here.

As with any radio show, there are various kinds of support fans can offer to keep Metal Crypt strong, listed below.  If you can manage any of them, consider yourself a “Crypthead” and accept our heartfelt thanks.

1. Talk about us: Tell people about all the crazy shit you hear and point people in our direction.

2. Tune in: We understand that schedules can clash with the time we’re on (Wednesdays from 3-6pm EST), so not everyone who likes the show can do this.  This is one reason why we post the interviews in YouTube format on the site.  However, if it’s at all possible, please try.  We’re thankful to the owner of Hard Rock Radio Live for letting us host this show, and listener ratings are the best payback we can offer him.  Also, we only record the interviews.  There is still plenty of fun being had between them that can only be heard live.

3. Support the station: Hard Rock Radio Live is run by a team of hard-working individuals volunteering their time to entertain people.  It’s a mutual love for music that doesn’t suck, and everyone associated and inspired by it.  Go to the station’s site, spread the word about it, hit up the chat room, and tune in often.  There is always something killer going on 24/7.  And of course, the station has great swag.

3. Support our guests: The biggest reason we’re doing this show in the first place is to promote  the authors, musicians, artists, etc that we love.  We would never praise something or someone that we didn’t feel deserved it, so check out their websites to see what all the fuss is about.  Links are provided all along the side for your convenience.  And consider buying what they have to offer.  Again, we wouldn’t praise them if we didn’t think they were worth it.

4. Support our sponsors: Our sponsors believe in us and feel we’re worth the trouble of working with us.  If you’re buying their products, you’re giving them reason to keep believing in us.

5. Tell ’em who sent you: When supporting #’s 3 and 4, tell them – whenever possible – that you were sent there by Metal Crypt.  This let’s them know that they’re not wasting their time with us.

6. Last but not least, show us off! When we post an interview or announcement, please spread the links around.  And here are some banners.  Feel free to swipe them to link to our site:


metalcryptbanner 500



Metal Crypt banner WP smaller



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