Hello kiddies! I’m Grimm, co-host of the internet radio show, The Metal Crypt. My partner in perversion, Badslayer, is busy digging up supper, so let me tell you a little about our show.

We drag in horror authors, filmmakers, metal musicians, any twisted individual that we can get our claws into and stretch on the rack for an hour or two. Along with discussing their current or upcoming projects, we’ll scratch around for what really haunts them, and have a HELL of a time doing it!

So join Badslayer and Grimm every Wednesday from 3 to 6pm EST on Hard Rock Radio Live! The station, by the way, is among the top 10 internet radio stations, and can be reached via PSP, iTunes, and iPhone (see the website for more info).  They play the best hard rock and metal anywhere, and they have a classic rock feed, too!

You can also tune in to the station, 24/7, by clicking HERE and using your preferred media player.

It’s uncensored and there’s no telling where the conversations will go, so you’ve been warned!


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  1. Hello,

    Brazilian Metal band Shadowside female singer Dani Nolden was recently interviewed by Noisecreep, from AOL Music/Time Warner, declaring to be proud of sounding different than most women. Also the band was chosen by readers of portuguese magazine Horns Up! as the best Brazilian Metal band in 2009 and was featured in mass communication media in Brazil (newspapers Estado de Minas and A Tribuna) and Angola (Volume 10 Radio show).

    More information in the following press release. Thank you in advance for publishing it.

    Interviews: Lead singer Dani Nolden is available to the press.
    Pictures: High resolution live and studio photos are available.


    Shadowside female singer featured on Noisecreep (AOL Music/Time Warner): “Proud of her unladylike vocals”
    Band was also featured by media in Brazil, Angola and Portugal

    Brazilian Metal band Shadowside female singer Dani Nolden was recently featured on the important american website Noisecreep (AOL Music/Time Warner). Interviewed by reporter Allyson B. Crawford, the frontwoman said she’s very proud of having a voice so different than most women in the Heavy Metal scene.

    “Sometimes it’s fun, because they don’t expect a woman to sing like this. Even other musicians expect us to sound like Nightwish and Evanescence. People would listen to us and say, (…)’Wow, I didn’t know a girl like you could sound like that!’ People are still not used to seeing a female front a metal band.”

    After the album Dare to Dream was chosen as one of the best of the year by staff members of the most respected Brazilian Magazine Roadie Crew, Shadowside was also picked as best Brazilian Metal album in 2009 by readers of Portuguese magazine Horns Up!, who also put the band between the top 3 bands and shows in 2009. On the same edition, a long interview with the vocalist is available in Portuguese, covering several aspects of the band’s career.

    In Brazil, major newspapers Estado de Minas and A Tribuna also embraced Shadowside. Both publications featured articles about the outstanding media recognition to Shadowside’s music, as well as the sales success of their most recent material in their home country.

    As if that wasn’t enough, Shadowside crossed the Atlantic Ocean to reach a new territory: Angola. Their songs are in heavy rotation on Stereo 96.5 MHZ Radio FM and highlighted on Volume 10 show.

    Related links:
    – Nomination for best band and interview on Horns Up! – http://www.hornsup.net
    – Interview on Noisecreep – http://www.noisecreep.com/2010/02/12/shadowside-singer-proud-of-her-unladylike-vocals/.

    More at: http://www.myspace.com/shadowsideband or http://twitter.com/shadowsideband

    Best Regards,
    Costábile Salzano Jr
    Shadowside Press Agent
    MSN: costabilejunior@hotmail.com

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