Gary Kent interview

Gary Kent has been living such an incredible life as a stunt man, producer, author, special effects wiz…  We had a fantastic chat with him about his new book, Shadows and Light: Journeys with Outlaws in Revolutionary Hollywood, and all the true stories that can be found within.


2 Responses to “Gary Kent interview”

  1. Thanks, guys…I owe you, and plan to pay you right after harvest!!!

    Serially, the interview with you fella’s was a downright hoot! I enjoyed it and feel now that we are friends. Take care of yourselves…you are a friggen’ treasure!
    Me, the Gar/Bear Kent

  2. It means worlds to us to hear that, Gary. You were so much fun, we felt we could have talked all day with you. Which means we need to have back on again! We wish you the best with your book. You deserve it, it’s a thrilling read.

    If we ever meet up, we’ve gotta set time for a beer or two (coffee at the least)

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